Saturday, 14 June 2014

Full moon, low tides, exposed mussels - and we've had SUCH larks, picking 'em off like grapes and dropping them on people's cars so they shatter both shell and windscreen. Such poetry.

Unfortunately, like peeling grapes, this is all rather time consuming. However, Hastings Borough Council installed bird feeders for us gulls all along the sea front; they're not so efficient at keeping them topped up with goodies, mind. Here's a nice picture of one:

However, the tourists dun us proud. Biff notices nearly an entire portion of fish and chips that someone had puked up on, and what looked like worms in red sauce but turned out to be some Oriental concoction.

I reckon about forty of us must have descended. To show our appreciation of the generosity, we removed the rest of the feeder contents and decorated the sea front with them.

Then we decorated a few passers-by in our own inimitable fashion.


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