Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why, that is to say, the reasoning behind the cause of there not being a wossname on Pangolin today:


Wake up. Again. Bathroom. Feed dog and chickens. Separately. Make coffee. Lots. Remember really good idea scribbled on bedside notebook just before falling asleep last night. Upstairs to studio, but retrieve idea on way. Enter studio. Wish (for the thousandth time) that I was a tidy person. Fail to understand scribbled idea. Parrot? Faggot? Cassock? Hassock? Put scribbled idea in box marked “Ideas”. Make note. “Get bigger box”.

Begin tedious cartoon for hobby magazine. Consult Google about Macpherson Thrust Return Valves.


As above. Then have trouble with pen nib. Ink flow poor. Change nib and reservoir. Get all inky. Wash hands and think about my many paperless, inkless colleagues. Know I’ll never change. New nib etc, fine. Colour hobby cartoon. Write invoice. Scan and send. PC refuses to send. Router working. PC keeps asking for password. Password is correct. PC keeps asking. Know this is BT’s fault with their hopeless copper wiring. Close down PC. Have coffee. Wait. Start up (I refuse to say “boot”) PC. No change. Shout “Oh for Christ’s Sake!” Dog scurries downstairs.

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  1. Ha ha! Don't know how you northern cartoonists get to lead such busy and glamorous lifestyles.


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