Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ten More Things You Didn't Know About...

  1. Prince Philip is not afraid of mushrooms, but gets nervous around parsnips.
  2. Alexander Graham Bell could not tap dance.
  3. Twice during the early part of her career Joan Bakewell ran out of washing – up liquid.
  4. William Wallace of “Braveheart” fame regularly forgot to cancel the milk whilst away campaigning.
  5. Philip Larkin and Madge Fairbrother  had regular knitting competitions. At the time of his death, Larkin was leading by two mittens and a Fairisle jumper.
  6. Dame Alicia Markova’s real name was Tom Gobby.
  7. John Cage’s famous 4.35 (or whatever) Minutes of Silence was originally called, “I Really Can’t Be Arsed With This.”
  8. Whilst directing “Halloween”, John Carpenter ran out of underpants.
  9. During the 1948/49 Ice Hockey season in the US, tactical farting (breaking wind, often in unison) just as an opposition player was about to make a shot on goal was declared illegal.
  10. Alvar Liddel, wartime BBC newsreader was cautioned in 1942 after he said, on air, "This the BBC Home Service. Here is the news, and a right load of depressing old shite it is too."

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