Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pangolin Obituary

Dr Hugh Bigthing 
April 28th 1934 - 4th June 2012

The death has been announced of controversial sex therapist and penis enlarger, Dr Hugh Bigthing.  Dr Bigthing came to prominence in the early 1980's when his DIY penis-enlarger kit, comprising baking soda, small fireworks and a stirrup pump took the medical market by storm.  The kit was eventually withdrawn after several unfortunate accidents, but not before Dr Bigthing had become very wealthy.  Dr Bigthing sought thereafter to distribute his kit gratis in underdeveloped countries, but was sued by Hollywood Film Studios because of the name of his campaign -  Free Willy.

In a tribute to Dr Bigthing from veteran porn film producer Randy Andy Shuttleworth (81), Mr Shuttleworth said: 'Bigthing was a complete and utter nutter.'

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