Sunday, 23 June 2013

On This Day

Two Years Ago

At Grimgussie in Scotland a Pipe Band playing a traditional lament led out a small party of volunteers headed by the Official Enumerator at the start of the Annual Midge Count.

Five Years Ago

After a heated exchange of words, two visitors were turned away from entering Best Kept Village Tartley cum Bickersteth on grounds of appearance. Midlanders Kyle and Kayleigh Ploag accepted they were in contravention of the Welcome notice requesting no shellsuits, shorts or baseball caps, but were keen to point out that they had no intention anyway of visiting the poxy village, had only stopped for the car-park toilets and were on their way to friends in Lower Tartley, which was a tidy sight nicer place any day.

Eight Years Ago

East Anglian family conciliation solicitors Dymcock, Faddle & Werp gave formal notice of the dissolution of their professional partnership, citing difficulties at work over many years as the cause of their break-up. As doors closed for the last time, the two senior partners were seen to be engaged in a lively discussion and exchange of writs, while junior partner Timothy Werp was taken into police custody for his own protection.

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  1. Wonderful Rupert. Love the Annual Midge Count.


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