Monday, 17 June 2013

New! Pangolin Dating (not just for pangolins; people might want to get involved, too).

Shy guy, poetic, swashbuckling and looking for female 18 - 76.

Prickwillow, Cambs.

Hi!  I'm a shy, bi-guy. I'm really looking for a long-lasting relationship, preferably with someone with enough money to pay off my parking tickets. My interests include collecting vintage toothbrushes and nicking hubcaps off small hatchbacks.

Once I've met the right person, I'm NOT afraid to commit; why, I've been engaged thirteen times in the last two years.

I'm sorry if it's a bit difficult to tell what I look like in the photo; I'm trying not to draw attention to myself since one of the people I was engaged to now wants her jewellery back.

Also, even though I'm wearing shades indoors, this doesn't mean I'm a total douchebag.


  1. I'd know that throat anywhere. Its Nigella !

  2. There's something not quite right here - sort of out of kilter, dodgy, strange, suspicious, leery, weird, odd sort of thing. The bloke with the blue hair's got two look-ins. How can this be ? Its worrying when site's you trust to be kosher seem to be pulling the plonker of belief

  3. The bloke in the picture hasn't really got blue hair. It's a fake. Trust me on this one.


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