Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pangolin Staff to take part in Annual Migration...

...and may be spotted (or striped, or even checked) at the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival.

More about that here:

However, imps and fairies are responsible for ensuring that material actually gets published here (despite the best efforts of The Pangolin staff, who continually try to thwart them by sending the wrong kind of files, in the wrong format and have even been known to send pigs' bladders by way of variety).

These little ethereal folk will be away seeking their fortune until April 27th, when what passes for normal round here will be resumed.

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  1. Well this is simply not good enough - disgraceful, in fact. What am I to do with my momentous thoughts ? Pangolin has always been there to act as a conduit between my frankly amazing mind and the great unwashed. Come the 27th, I shall have more to say on this matter.
    J Farnsworth - Winterhalter


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