Monday, 1 April 2013

On This Day...

One Year Ago

Have-a-go pensioner Ada Trunch foiled a would-be raider at her local Post Office in Suffolk with the help of a rosewood umbrella that had belonged to her aunt. Spotting a youth in line ahead of her brandishing an object in his right hand and demanding money at the counter, plucky Ada rained down a series of blows on the hapless hoodie, who fell to the floor. An unnamed 17 year old was taken away by ambulance with a broken nose, severe bruising to the ribs and multiple lacerations to the face. He was admitted to hospital, where his condition was described as comfortable. Police recovered an item from his hand, described as a Post Office Savings account book.

Four Years Ago

Guest speaker at the monthly meeting of Whaplode’s Livewire Club was Muriel Bunce, who gave an illustrated talk on her collection of sellotape.

Nine Years Ago

A Reunion Evening at St Dorothy’s Primary School in Edale took an unexpected turn when two former members of rival playground gangs, who had not met for 63 years, clashed over the cheese straws. Words were exchanged, a circle of onlookers closed around them and the chorus went up for ‘Fight! Fight!’ Two gentleman in their seventies were later released by the police. The evening raised £23-09 for netball equipment.

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  1. I ONY JUS seen this an I was that hoddy an that old bat is well hard. Me an my crew went to steal er cat after wot she done. We grabed it an it turned out to be a tea cozy full of razer blades. So we rote TRUNCH IS WELL HARD on her Micra. instead.


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