Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pangolin News Flash! Winner of Pangolin 'Beautiful Baby' Contest!

Well, there really was no contest here!

Actually, that's true in a literal sense, as all the details were kept secret from everyone except the sole entry. And that's chirpy young Colton Bolton-Plunge, pictured here! Isn't he a cutie?

Colton himself is delighted to receive the award. He told us: "I've never tried gold-plated nappies before, and I'm really looking forward to filling them and then throwing the results around the room. In fact, it's one of my favourite pastimes.

I was particularly pleased to receive the prize because strangers usually peer at me when I'm in the pram, turn white and run away. So it's really thrilling to be on the front page of such a prestigious online publication like The Pangolin, and I'm hoping this will be merely the start of a successful modelling career.

I think my first assignment will be for a plastic surgeon offering ear-reduction surgery, but then we'd better wait and see, hadn't we?

Also, my mum reckons that I might be related to Prince Charles - but keep that one under your hat for now!"


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaahh.

  2. Before its too late, I must point out to young Colton that Ear Reduction Surgery is such a yesterday's procedure. My colleagues and I at the Go Out in the Daylight Clinic would simply make Colton's head bigger
    Ambrose Threeps - Mallalieu
    Surgical leader. GODC.


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