Friday, 22 January 2016


  1. My now sadly deceased wife was also very strong. After we moved to the countryside a couple of years ago, near Glossop, she took a dislike to the electricity pylon which was close to our back fence. One Tuesday, after a particularly harrowing episode of The Archers, she climbed the fence and pulled the pylon down, fatally electrocuting herself, four cows and a stoat. Having to pay for the damage prevented me from buying a new Prius.
    Yours etc.,
    Donald Whaft.

  2. It seems to me that the incident portrayed in your photograph could not have taken place if the sand/cement mixture used to anchor the posts had been correct. Personally, I always use a 3/5 combination,more than adequate for most domestic installations, whilst occasionally increasing that to 4/6, which I did recently when repairing my great - aunt's conservatory after it had been damaged by a foraging musk ox.
    Alan Bloan.


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