Thursday, 7 May 2015

Baby Mix-up at GRI Resolved!

A spokesperson for Glossop Royal Infirmary confirmed this morning that baby Coleen Crisp and baby Kyle Fishwick, accidentally given to the wrong parents upon their mothers’ discharge from GRI’s Maternity Unit [GRIMU], have now been reunited with the right mums and dads.

Our pictures show (top) Steve and Angelique Fishwick cradling what in fact is baby Coleen Crisp, whilst below they are holding their very own baby Kyle.

Said Angelique, “We knew as soon as we got her home that there was something not quite right.” Added hubby Steve, “It was the nose what done it for me. Nobody in our families has such a long nose.”

Tom and Leonora Crisp refused to comment but did release the following statement through their solicitor Mr Ambrose Pewting, “We are going to sue the pips out of GRIMU, then take Coleen to Disneyland.”

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  1. For your information, my clients did not say they were going to "sue the pips out of" GRIMU. They said they were going to "sue the arse off" Grimu.
    Ambrose Pewting Llb., Pewting, Pewting, Pewting and Scharnhorst. Solicitors


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