Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pangolin News Flash!

"Huge Relief" at Derbyshire find

Ralph Utterly reports:

Last week, Council officials, Police, Fire and volunteers were involved in searching for the key to Glossop’s recently completed and aptly named “New Hall”. Emergency services were called in when caretaker Derek Blaylock found that he was unable to open the door. Said Derek, “I realised that the door wouldn’t open because I hadn’t got the key.”

Quick-thinking Derek went to look for the all-important key immediately, but was unsuccessful. Derek continued, “It suddenly dawned on me that if I didn’t have the key, somebody else must have had it.” Derek was later praised for his resourcefulness by Chief Inspector Gwyneth Blenny. “Had it not been for Derek raising the alarm, no-one would have known the key was missing until somebody else tried to gain access," said C.I. Blenny.

Hours later, after a painstaking search of the surrounding area and of local council officials, the missing key was found in the turn up of Councillor William Groat’s trousers. Later, at a celebratory dinner to mark the discovery, Councillor Groat joked, “Well, that was a real turn up and no mistake.”
Left to Right: Major (retd) Randoph Blast, Councillor Arnold Whine, Councillor Terence Tightplug, Mrs Eileen Tightplug, Chief Inspector Blenny (in civvies), Mr Derek Groat, Mrs Muriel Groat (47), Councillor Frank Gumfoddering, PC Maurice Mimby (in civvies) (stroking white mouse in pocket).

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I should like to point out that when I was pictured with members of Glossop Council outside New Hall, I was not stroking a white mouse in my pocket. I was in fact, peeling an orange.
    Yours truly,
    PC 1298 . M. Mimby


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