Wednesday, 2 March 2016


  1. Dear Mr Wuss,
    Yet again, The Pangolin mocks something it obviously knows nothing about. The influence of Beings on the Astral Plane should not be taken lightly. The ghosts of our Dear Departed are all around us at all times and regularly intercede in our daily lives. Unexplained phenomena such as the Exploding Trouser Scare [Glossop, May 2015], dismissed by the authorities as a localised over-fondness for black pudding, are quite clearly the work of mischievious spirits. Nationally there are countless examples of this sort of thing and I urge your readers to contact me with similar instances.
    Dame Esme Walloper,
    Ouija House

  2. I have already commented on this pathetic cartoon 37 times, but none of my comments have appeared probably because you think ghosts are funny. Well they are not. Many are vengeful. Take the piss, and they will get you. Which is why my Auntie Marion is now a rock bun.
    Gaylord P Matterhorn.


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