Tuesday, 2 February 2016


  1. Now, this is a very interesting photograph, showing as it does snails apparently travelling at very high speeds. It perfectly illustrates one of my points in my recent paper on time travel.These snails have obviously strayed from another dimension - one where time travels differently and where simple day-to-day activities like putting your socks on or going to the loo would appear to take only nano seconds. If we could see them. Which we can't. Normally.
    P J Whimbrel [Dr. 53]

  2. Last summer, whilst relaxing with Enid Hartley's "Throbbing Desire" in the garden, I noticed two bluebottles. One flew past very quickly, whilst the other did not, but lingered, travelling in a far more leisurely fashion. Does this mean that the two insects came from different dimensions ?
    Yours Truly,
    Angela Flimsie [Miss, 47]

  3. Now this is very interesting, Miss Flimsie. I've noticed for quite a long time that when I am out driving my Toyota Yaris, other cars appear to flash past. I am a member of the IIM [Institute of Irritating Motorists]
    Graham Dugong.


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