Monday, 16 March 2015

Pangolin Obituaries

The death is announced of Lord Tangerine of Plinth at the age of 162. 

A spokesman for the family said, “Lord Tangerine will be sadly missed by his family and friends. Always unconventional and adventurous, the then Aubrey St John Twatter, roamed the Empire working eventually as a string measurer in India for some time where he gained the trust and admiration of local nabobs. 

When he left India for Krakatoa he held the title of Kumquat of Mysore. The explosion of Krakatoa rendered the soon to be Lord dazed and confused and his return to England was marked by several brushes with the law. 

Our picture was used in court proceedings against him when answering a charge of standing like a ponce in a public place".

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  1. My late grandfather, a long time Liverpool resident, remembered Lord Tangerine being a regular participant in that city's Orange marches.
    The Rev. J. D.T. O'Mahoney - Plinth


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