Monday, 9 February 2015

A Party Political Broadcase on Behalf of the UBERK Party

OK, Let’s get something straight straight off, right? I’m no racist, right? But it stands to reason that a small country like what ours is can’t support the billions of foreigners coming in strapped underneath lorries.

And they’re popping up all over the place, right? Our leader, Mr Fromage said only the other week that he was on a train, right, and he didn’t hear English spoke once. I mean, that can’t be right, right?

What’s worse, when these Mohammodians or whatever they are come here, they stick together, right, and do the shite jobs we don’t want to do. Shite jobs for the Brits is what I say! And they eat really smelly food. What’s wrong with pie and mash is what I say.

Then there’s the Poles and Romanians and Linoleums who are all plumbers, right, working for a bun and a cuppa.

I mean, we’re already stuck with billions of Indians and Pakistanis and Africans and West Indians, right? OK, some are doing important jobs like being brain surgeons, but come on – we’ve got our own brain surgeons, right?

And crime, right? Research by UBERK shows that 102% of all crime committed in the UK was done by foreign geezers, right?

So vote for UBERK. Close our borders and only open ‘em to let us out to go on foreign holidays.

Ron Newt 

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  1. well I red this and I thought well hes right innit even thuogh hes wering a suite an looks a bit on the posh side.
    Anette Trembley [Miss, 47]


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